Wellness Exams

Regular wellness check-ups provide a proactive approach to your pet’s health, emphasizing preventive care and early detection of potential issues. Our veterinary team is committed to partnering with you to ensure the long and happy lives of your pets.

The Significance of Wellness Exams

Pet owners prioritize the health and happiness of their furry companions. At Aspen Ridge Animal Hospital, we recognize the fundamental role that wellness exams play in ensuring the well-being of your pets. These regular check-ups are essential for maintaining their health and detecting potential issues before they escalate.

When to Schedule Wellness Exams

Determining the frequency of wellness exams depends on your pet’s age, health status, and lifestyle. Generally, annual exams are recommended for adult pets, while senior pets or those with specific health issues may benefit from more frequent check-ups.

A vet sitting with a dog

The Core Elements of Pet Wellness Exams

During a wellness exam, our veterinarians evaluate different facets of your pet’s health, including:

Physical Examination

A hands-on physical examination allows our veterinarians to assess your pet’s overall health, from nose to tail. This includes checking vital signs, assessing body condition, and identifying any abnormalities.


Keeping your pet up-to-date on vaccinations is a crucial aspect of preventive care. Wellness exams provide an opportunity to discuss and administer necessary vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors.

Parasite Control

Regular examination helps identify and address potential parasite issues. Our veterinary team can recommend preventive measures and appropriate treatments to safeguard your pet from parasites.

Benefits of Wellness Exams

Early Detection of Health Issues
Regular wellness exams enable early detection of potential health issues. Identifying problems in their initial stages allows for timely intervention and can prevent the progression of serious illnesses.

Preventive Care
Preventive care is more effective and economical than treating illnesses after they develop. Wellness exams provide an opportunity to discuss preventive measures and create a customized care plan for your pet.

Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond
Routine wellness exams contribute to the bond between you and your pet. Regular veterinary visits help build trust and ensure your pet feels comfortable in a healthcare environment.