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Patrice Nichols

We moved to the area about a year-and-a-half ago and asked people for suggestions for a good vet. So happy we found Aspen Ridge. The vets we have seen have all been very kind and compassionate. They are also understanding when you say you don’t want or can’t afford to have all the tests run and you want to wait a few days to see if your baby gets better.

Brooklyn Montara

My wife and I have two golden retrievers who had mated 63 days ago. We noticed a few signs that could have led to an unhealthy birth so on the 62nd day, we contacted Aspen Ridge Animal Hospital. We explained all of the signs and symptoms we were noticing and they got us in within 2 hours! We were seen by Dr. Jackson and she was incredibly patient and informative. I had a ton of questions and she thoroughly answered every single one. She gave MooMoo an ultrasound showing she was going to have 7 puppies 🐶 She had a vaginal exam to ensure the birth canal was healthy and infection free, which also was supposed to help speed up the labor process. Her temperature dropped and she was dilated, therefore Dr. Jackson didn’t see any reason to perform an emergency C-section, thankfully. We took MooMoo home and set her back up in her whelping bed and this morning she gave birth to her first baby boy at 5:50 AM and her last boy at 8:53 AM. She successfully gave birth to 5 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls. We had so much confidence in her, especially after the assistance we received yesterday. We appreciate everyone at Aspen Ridge and we will be returning for all of our animal’s needs.

Olivia A. Ferrara

Dr. Hill Jackson and her staff are extremely friendly and attentive to my pets’ needs. Dr. Jackson takes the time to explain the treatment plan and address your concerns. The techs are always kind, patient, and helpful. The best vet clinic on the mountain!

Martin Beyer

I don’t know what to say other than thank you. 5 stars is not enough. Our dog got sick while spending time in the area. We woke up early and started making calls without luck. When we called Aspen Ridge they were not only kind they actually worked us into their busy schedule. Instead of us packing up and heading home, our dog got the help she needed and we were able to stay in the mountains. Thank you, April for getting us in. Thank you, Dr Barnes for all of your help and expertise.

Kristin Lynn Lopez

This is a great place and all of the nurses and doctors are so sweet the animals are automatically attracted to them. They make them feel comfortable and safe.

Lori Ryan

I was in town working for a few months and my dog Bagel was very sick. They were able to get her in pretty quickly and did an amazing job with her. Dr. Jackson or Dr. Ellis called me twice a day with updates on Bagel’s condition. The whole staff was amazing. Bagel is recovering great. I am so thankful to everyone involved in her care. I highly recommend this animal hospital for any and all your pet needs. It is a wonderful facility. Thank you for all your help.