In-House Diagnostics

Our commitment to providing comprehensive veterinary care includes our in-house laboratory services, ensuring prompt and accurate diagnostic results for your furry companions.

In-House Diagnostics

To help mitigate delays in the initiation of treatment, results can be completed in about 30 minutes. This also allows adjustments to treatment to be made more quickly. Samples collected represent the patient at that moment, not days or weeks ago, as when samples have to be sent out. This allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing their pets’ current health.

Dog and vet looking at x-ray

When to Consider In-House Diagnostics

Unexplained Symptoms

If your pet is exhibiting unusual behavior, unexplained weight loss, or changes in appetite, in-house diagnostics can help identify the underlying cause.

Preventive Screenings

Regular diagnostic screenings, even in the absence of noticeable symptoms, can be instrumental in catching potential health issues early on.

Preoperative Assessment

Before undergoing surgery or certain medical procedures, in-house diagnostics ensure a thorough assessment of your pet’s health status.

Benefits of In-House Diagnostics

Timely Intervention
One of the key benefits of our in-house diagnostics is the ability to detect and address health issues at an early stage. Early intervention is crucial in preventing the progression of diseases and improving treatment outcomes. With our in-house capabilities, we can swiftly analyze test results, providing prompt insights into your pet’s health.

Convenience and Efficiency
Unlike external diagnostic services that may lead to delays in obtaining results, our in-house capabilities ensure efficiency and convenience. This means faster turnaround times for test results, allowing our veterinary team to make informed decisions about your pet’s care without unnecessary delays.

Personalized Treatment Plans
In-house diagnostics empower our veterinarians to tailor treatment plans to your pet’s specific needs. The detailed information obtained through diagnostics enables us to design targeted and effective interventions, ensuring the most appropriate and efficient care for your pet.